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Frantic Fall

It’s the game that balances fun with gravity! Rotate the pivoting platforms to guide six steel balls and collect points! As the marbles fall, it’ s up to you to navigate them to achieve ma

Play-Doh Classic Style Fun Tools

Pop open this nostalgic jumbo Play-Doh can and re-live the experience of the #1, parent-trusted and kid-loved modeling compound enjoyed by generations since 1956! Inside this vintage-style reusable st

Slinky Science Kit - Electric Bell Mini Lab

For the budding Edison…Electric Bell-Buzzer-Telegraph introduces the basics of electric circuitry. Start by building an electromagnet, progress to making a telegraph key, put the battery and swi

Pump Rocket Micro Shotz

Blast-off with the Pump Rocket Micro Shotz! With smaller 6-inch micro soft, safe foam rockets, kids giggle with joy and awe as they launch them up to 60 feet into space! The hand-operated pump feature

My Studio Girl 3D Magic Dough - Penguin with Scarf

My Studio Girl 3D Magic Dough air dry modeling kits with easy-to-follow instructions to form adorable sculptures! These adorable sculptures dry solid with no baking required. Get crafty with the Pengu

Star Wars Science - Mustafar Volcano Lab

Create realistic volcanic eruptions and lava flows with the Mustafar Volcano Lab. This erupting volcano lab includes an extremely detailed Mustafar landscape, and features Star Wars character figurine


PROUD, CLEVER, AFFECTIONATE, AMUSING…MEET THE DACHSHUND! The Dachshund is a lively breed with a friendly personality and a keen sense of smell. Known for their long and low bodies, they are one

Ready, Set, Pogo

Get your inner kangaroo on with this fun and bouncy pogo stick. How high can you go? Try bouncing up to 24 inches! (61cm). The easy-grip foam handles, padded center pole and wide rubber foot for stabi