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Welcome to AMBIGUITY, the head-spinning letter-turning word game! Roll the eight letter dice into the tray and turn over the two-minute timer. Now the fun begins because the letters on these dice are

Athena Brain Teaser

Welcome to Athena, an Olympian Brainteaser. The good news, archaeologists have found an ancient statue of Athena! The bad news, she’s in two pieces. Help the team put Athena back together again!


Welcome to BRAINO, the game with the mechanical brain! Braino is a game that can figure out how to beat you every time you play. The rules are simple… the player who takes the LAST BALL LOSES or

Crazy Campers Brainteaser Puzzle

Welcome to Crazy Campers, where setting up camp has never been so puzzling! First locate the big tent piece (with the visiting bear) on the campground base as indicated by a challenge card, then simpl

Crossroads Brain Teaser

Welcome to Crossroads, the road-building puzzle for smart drivers young and old! The Goal: Build each road layout challenge so the front and rear halves of each vehicle are color-matched; yellow-to-ye

Digits in a Box

Think inside the box! Spill the 10 digits (0-9) from the box and give them a scramble. Place the pieces back into the box so the lid closes flat. As you’ll see, it’s not as easy as 1-2-3.

Electricity and Magnetic Combination Kit

Take a look at this Electricity and Magnetic Combination Kit and explore the relationship between electricity and magnets. Each includes a power source, connectors, a set of magnets, instruction bookl

Funny Farm Brainteaser Puzzle

Locate the Big Tractor piece and any additional pieces as indicated by a challenge in the booklet, then fill in the remaining puzzle pieces. When the challenge is solved, the barnyard will be full, wi